Wells Fargo is well known Multinational American Bank. Basically, it deals with personal, small business as well as commercial banking. It provides various services ranging from insurance, investment and retirement plans and also covers wealth management. It includes wealth solutions and wealth advice and guidance.



Wells Fargo and Company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company has its various sub quarters situated throughout their country and also in other parts of the world. It is the largest bank in the country with maximum value of issued shares.

The present form of Wells Fargo is a because of the merger between San Francisco based Well Fargo and Minneapolis based Norwest Corporation in 1998. It was accompanied by overtaking of Charlotte bas3d Wachovia. After this the company shifted to headquarters in San Francisco.

The new company kept Wells Fargo name and also its trademark which says ‘Together we’ll go far’.



In every milieu there is one person who has the vision for the future. He thinks what not everyone is thinking and it gives him an upper hand. The same was with Steve Ellis. Currently he controls the wholesale services of the bank group.

The turning point in his life came when he attended payments conference in 1999. He heard McNealy about how internet and technology was capable of changing the basics of banking. Inspired from that conference he looked for ways about how banking could be digitalized for the benefit of the customers.

He wanted to make it easy for business where standing in long lines in the banks could be reduced to online transactions. By doing this he made sure that the bank services are not tied on hours of the bankers, instead opportunities should be at the service of the customer.

It would in return save time of the customers and they can put energy into their business rather than just banking. In order to make this thought practical he went beyond normal banking culture.

As a result he came up with different strategies and techniques that help his customers get an easy banking experience. Steve Ellis believed in the new framework of business that was completely built around the needs and demands of customers. Hence, it gave a new direction to his career as well as the company.



All commercial business is done to benefit its customers and banking is no different. To make it easier, Ellis thought of different methods that sets right with customers the business he was dealing. To understand the need of the people, it is important to get an insight of the operating criteria.

To explore the same Wells Fargo came up with a different approach that helped them to understand their customer better.


The first and the best tactics that the company came forwards with was ethnography. Ethnography is a research tool commonly used by anthropologists in research. It is used in various marketing industries. But to banking it was new.

Ellis courageously took the step to employ ethnographic studies in order to know the functioning of the bank. Wells Fargo sent its team members to Stanford University to learn how to conduct ethnographic studies.

The ethnographic took its shape in the following way

  • Observing customers while dealing with banking routine.
  • Know their problems and devise first hand solutions
  • Identify priorities and put them first
  • Customer council to know its drawbacks and improvement areas.

This ethnographic visit was scheduled every 30 times in a year. That’s how Wells Fargo changed its focus from just financial solutions to overall priorities of the customers.


Technology is in a constant process of development. It is important to be updated with the current inputs in internet and technology. It gives a clear hand in competition and keeps one ahead its competitors.

It stats within the employees of how one should be motivated to work with a free and open mind. It involves the responsibility on the shoulders of the head to

  • Prepare instead of planning
  • Improvise situations rather penalizing
  • Failure of its people should be expected instead of criticizing

Other technology driven strides that the company followed includes updated software and technology. Technology is intelligent and updated so should be the case of the people dealing with it.



Culture in any company is subjected to change. But the change must be able to adapt to the new practices and means in respect to the current technological trend. Culture is considered to be a two way sword it can lead to success or pull you down.

In case of Well Fargo, it took the big step to alter its working culture. The employees operated counselling cells and improved upon recommendations by the customers. They did not work in offices instead in open cubicles to encourage discussions and improvements.

This trend they have maintained for a nonstop fourteen years. It has worked in all spheres from technology to personal affairs with customers to make their relation and business better and long-lasting.



Wells Fargo not only does business but is also takes initiative to guard the environment it works around. It believes in a simple notion of sustainable development, and as it does business it also checks the impact it passively leaves in the surrounding environment. It navigates around

  • Emphasizing utilization of renewable resources of energy
  • Lessen energy consumption

As a result of its affection to environment Wells Fargo has provided numerable loans and assistance for a greener environment. Some investments include

  • $21 billion: environmental finance
  • For 260 solar projects
  • For 34 wind projects

Wells Fargo believes that if the people they are working for do well, they will also come out well in business. In this attempt it gives loans and investments to various environmental projects.

It does not only rank first amongst the banks and the insurance companies but also thirteenth amongst the Green Ranking of the 500 companies in the country.

Wells Fargo is identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Centre for

  • Corporate Climate Leadership,
  • Carbon Disclosure Project and
  • U.S. Green Building Council



In the future Wells Fargo intends keep harmony with technology and updates its security systems. The company is looking forward to make the user interface easier and accessible to all. For this they plan to keep the securities much focussed.

The company also plans to be technologically ahead and updated so that its customers have to juggle less to get basic services. It also plans to collaborate with other companies for software updates to get an easy hand at it.

Not only this, it also aims for a greener business by investing $8 million and donating $100 million to environmental nonprofits in the next decade (2020).

All these unique features make Wells Fargo an exceptional banking company which prioritizes customer satisfaction and therefore improve their business sustainably.



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